Bundle up to 100 URLs into one simple link.


What is LinkHub?

LinkHub is an innovative tool designed to simplify your digital life by allowing you to combine up to 100 individual links into one convenient, manageable link. Create a single link and access a hub of your essential websites and resources with ease. Perfect for sharing multiple resources in one go!


  • Combine up to 100 links into one manageable link.
  • Edit your link collection at any time with a unique editor-link.
  • Display links with an optional title for better understanding.
  • Directly copy individual links or open them all with a single click.

How to Use LinkHub:

  1. Visit the LinkHub creation page and start adding your links. You can add up to 100 individual links.
  2. Optionally, add a title for each link for better clarity. If no title is provided, the URL will be displayed as is.
  3. Once you're done, press the 'Create' button. You'll receive your compact link and a unique editor-link.
  4. Share your link with anyone. They'll access a simple page displaying all your links, an optional overarching title, and individual buttons for opening or copying the links.
  5. Keep your editor-link safe. With it, you can return to edit your collection of links at any time.

LinkHub streamlines how you share and manage multiple web resources. Simplify your digital life today!